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CryptoTokens4U is a next-gen traffic exchange program designed to help you get traffic to your websites, promotions and affiliate links.

All of us, marketers, need a place to show off what we can offer to the online world spending less and less money and resources. We, here at CT4U, are here to get you the resources you need to promote your banners, URLs and text ads.

What is a traffic exchange?

Traffic exchanges are online services where web site owners trade traffic. Other members of Crypto Tokens 4U will view your web site when you visit the sites of other members.

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FREE advertising

VTG and FG Prizes

Click Track Profits XP Rewards

With our easy-to-use system, you can advertise your content for free. Randomly receive prizes both on Viral Traffic Games and Food Game websites. Click-Traffic-Profit provides awesome training to make money online as an affiliate. Get explorer XPs at CTP with our rewards system.


Crypto Tokens 4U is not a pyramid or ponzi scheme, matrix program, get rich quick scheme or multi-level marketing program. For more information please read our terms-and-conditions, privacy policy, anti-spam policy and disclaimer.